About our Team

Stephane Labrosse
Co-founder, CEO

Stephane is a very skilled quality lead and has a very strong knowledge on the way things should, could and must be done. Stephane has been working on several areas such as compliance, quality project management, leader etc. Working for companies such as NOVO NORDISK, LEO PHARMA, BAVARIAN NORDIC. Stephane has been working as a consultant in many years and has a large knowledge on various areas.

When Stephane do not work, he spend his time with the family. Stephane love spending time on his new bike in the woods. And Stephane is the technical nerd in the company. He not only knows what's new, mostly he also has it.

Stephane has grown up as a son of a french diplomate and a danish mother. This has taking him to places like, France, UK, US and more. Stephane has a great humor and is just a great man. Concerned about the wellbeing of everybody around.